Photo de bâtiments en construction avec des grues

Building & Construction

ADESIA helps building professionals meet their many challenges with high-performance tapes, manufactured in France.


Whether in the residential sector, new build or renovation, non-residential or public works, tapes have a role to play right from the structural work stage.


Our range of dry adhesive tapes for decoration applications is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market and its users.

Image montrant une application adhésive sur une solution d'isolation de toit par l'intérieur
Image montrant un rouleau d'adhésif appliqué sur un pare-vapeur
Image montrant la composition d'un isolant mural
Image montrant un ouvrier appliquant un adhesif de jointure pour l'isolation
Image montrant un revêtement de sol souple dans un hôpital ou une clinique médicale
Image montrant un rouleau de gazon synthétique
Image montrant une personne retirant une protection d'adhésif sur une goulotte électrique
Image montrant une application d'adhésif sur une solution d'isolation de toiture
Image montrant la composition d'une isolation au sol

Undergroundwalls protection, airtightness, thermal insulation, soundproofing… adhesive tapes are all around us. They are increasingly replacing traditional and mechanical fixing methods due to their capabilities to meet the industry needs : energy renovation, security, accessibility, removability, waste management and new building processes.

They are light, undetectable, easy-to-use, no drying time and high performance ! Discover our applications for the building sector.


Building enveloppe

Sealing tapes for airthightness

Floor covering

Tapes for resilient floor coverings installation



Sealing tapes for technical insulation

Skirting boards, stairs, protection profiles

Dry adhesive tape to fix skirting boards, stepped flooring and wall corner protection profiles


Decoration and signage

Fixing adhesive tapes for decorative elements, wall cladding and light indoor signage

Artificial turf

Pre-glued strip for joining artificial turf

Visuel de différents types de packaging personnalisés

Make your brand shine !

Because adhesives tapes are usually accessories in your product range, we offer you several levels of personalization to reflect your brand, according to your needs: carrier, liner, core, cardboard.