UV membrane sealing tape

Powerfull single-sided tape, dedicated to outdoor overlaps and joints sealing. UV resistant, the adhesion is efficient and permanent. Non drying, it can be used even at low temperatures.


  • UV resistant PE film
  • Permanent bonding
  • Reinforcing scrim
  • Resistant to low temperatures and humidity
Schéma 3D d'un liner papier pour un adhésif 5 Liner
Schéma 3D d'une couche de colle pour un adhésif 4 Water-based adhesive
Schéma 3D d'une grille de renfort pour un adhésif 3 Reinforcing scrim
Schéma 3D d'une couche de colle pour un adhésif 2 Water-based adhesive
Schéma 3D d'un liner noir pour un adhésif 1 UV-treated film
  1. UV-treated film
  2. Water-based adhesive
  3. Reinforcing scrim
  4. Water-based adhesive
  5. Liner

Presentation and packaging

Roll dimensions
No. of rolls per box
60 mm x 25 m
5 roll/box 145*145*305 mm
168 boxes/pallet 100*120 cm

For presentation, width, length or customization contact us