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We work daily to offer our 300 industrial customers tailor-made technical tapes meeting their specific applications and requirements.

Innovation, R&D

Our engineers develop eco-design and efficient adhesive tapes, in accordance with your specifications.

Coating, lamination, cutting

Our tools allow us to coat our glues, laminate our adhesive films on materials and cutting the rolls to the desired length and width.

Quality, security, environnement

Our quality process meets perfectly with our customer needs, leaders in their businesses.


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Certified ISO 9001, we are working with mains actors from international and French industry. We are meeting the growing regulatory and environmental demands facing our customers, in all industries.

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Tailor-made solutions

The design and manufacture of customized adhesive solutions is part of our DNA. Beyond the adhesive functionality, we are bringing our customers answers to their specific problems : conformability, breathability, waterproofing, transparency, removability and dismantlability, solvent-free adhesives, low VOC, fire resistance etc.

You do not see them but adhesive tapes are everywhere

More than 2500 adhesive tapes for our 300 customers and as many applications

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