AT S911/150 PP

Pure solvent acrylic transfer adhesive for industry

AT S911/150 PP is a transfer tape with a very high level of cohesion. UV and moisture resistant, it has excellent resistance to ageing.
Highly resistant to plasticizer migration, it is ideal for fixing flexible PVC flooring, including in high-traffic areas.


  • Strong adhesion and very high cohesion
  • Excellent ageing
  • Resistant to plasticizers
  • Suitable for resilient floor coverings
  • Several possible construction
Schéma 3D d'une colle pour un adhésif 2 Pure solvent-based adhesive
Schéma 3D d'un liner transparent pour un adhésif 1 Liner
  1. Liner
  2. Pure solvent-based adhesive

Presentation and packaging

AT S911/150 PP
1000, 2300

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