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Automotive & Transportation

OEM, tier 1 or tier 2, we are working side by side with our customers to solve their day-to-day bonding challenges.


Automotive industry is our first market. For now almost 50 years, we have been providing dedicated adhesive solutions to the players in this sector.



Tapes are also in buses, trains and planes and they respond to multiple applications. We are working with Bus and Train industry subcontrators, meeting technical regulatory and environemental imperatives.

Image montrant une roue de voiture avec une jante
Image montrant un bus de l'exterieur
Image montrant des sièges à l'intérieur d'une voiture
Image montrant le tableau de bord d'une voiture
Image montrant les sièges et sol à l'intérieur d'un bus
Image montrant un rétroviseur d'une voiture
chaine de montage automobile ruban adhésif
Image montrant le coffre ouvert d'une voiture

Soundproofing of engine compartment and wheel arches, gaskets fixation, cable and wiring protection, sound dumping bitouminous mass installation, batteries, flooring, masking… the number of application for tape is endless in the automotive and transportation industries. Reasons are because PSA are efficient while being easy to use and quick to install, light, versatile, solvent free, low fogging and low VOC.

chaine de montage automobile ruban adhésif

Resistance and lightness

Adhesive tapes are performant, sustainable solutions and allow you to limit the weight to fix, seal, soundproof and protect all parts of the vehicle: passenger compartment, upholstery, roof, doors, engine block, bodywork, etc

Technicien de laboratoire mesurant les performances d'un ruban adhésif

Security and compliance

In accordance with the specific requirements of the automotive industry (IMDS and REACH), we have a wide range of low COV and low fogging (VDA 278) adhesives tapes free from any hazardous substances.


Image montrant la manipulation d'objets dans un laboratoire

Innovation and competitiveness

Ours R&D teams are working side by side with the customers on their projects. Resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions, conformability, differentiated double-sided tape, recyclable liner… we innovate while remaining competitive.

Beyond adhesives tapes

Everyday, we transform a wide variety of materials.

Collage d'images montrant différentes applications adhésives sur différents matériaux utilisés dans les voitures


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