Invisible synthetic grass joints

GARDEN FIX is specially designed to connect two strips of artificial turf, making installation quick, easy and invisible.
Placed on the underside of the lawn, this pre-glued strip is resistant to ageing and can be used for landscape : balcon, around swimming pool but also for public areas with low or moderate traffic, near car parks or on roundabouts.


  • Joint tape for artificial turf
  • Easy-to-use
  • Resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Possible customization
Schéma 3D d'un protecteur en Polypropylène pour un adhésif 3 Non-tear liner
Schéma 3D d'une colle caoutchouc pour un adhésif 2 Hotmelt adhesive
Schéma 3D d'un liner vert pour un adhésif 1 Green non-woven backing
  1. Green non-woven backing
  2. Hotmelt adhesive
  3. Non-tear liner

Presentation and packaging

Roll dimension
No. of rolls per box
150mm x 10m
16 rolls/carton 420*420*370mm
16 boxes/pallet 100*120cm

For any other presentation, width, length or customisation, contact us.