MSN 204

High-quality adhesive non-woven for the manufacture of electrodes and electrosurgical plates.

MSN 204 is a thick, high-quality non-woven, perfectly suited to the manufacture of ECG electrodes and electrosurgical plates.
Biocompatible and atraumatic to remove, it has been specifically developed for sensitive skin.


  • High quality non woven
  • Biocompoatible
  • For premium quality electrodes
  • Easy, painless removal
Schéma 3D d'un protecteur papier pour un adhésif médical 3 Liner
Schéma 3D d'une colle pour un adhésif médical 2 Medical grade adhesive
Schéma 3D d'un liner non-tissé d'un adhésif médical 1 Non-woven
  1. Non-woven
  2. Medical grade adhesive
  3. Liner

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