MSM 101 PA 1F LR

Hypoallergenic single-sided foam for ECG electrodes

Specially developed for direct application to the skin, MSM 101 PA 1F LR is ideal for use on ECG electrodes and electrosurgical plates. It is also suitable for use in paediatrics.
This medical-grade solution offers medium adhesion. It is easy to remove and biocompatible.


  • Medium adhesion, easy and painless to remove
  • Biocompatible
  • Conformable
  • Adapted to ECG electrodes including pediatric
Schéma 3D d'un support papier siliconé pour un adhésif 3 Liner
Schéma 3D d'une colle pour un adhésif 2 Medical grade adhesive
Schéma 3D d'un liner en mousse 1 Resilient PE foam
  1. Resilient PE foam
  2. Medical grade adhesive
  3. Liner

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