ADESIA has been investing in R&D for ten years in order to extend our product range into new markets, such as the market for adhesive medical devices and, more recently, the graphic art market.


Adhesives are now used in many different products and manufacturing processes. For many years, they have been considered one of the most reliable, economical and easy-to-use methods for bonding.

ADESIA has excellent technical knowledge of the industrial processes, materials and environmental limits related to its products.

Thanks to ADESIA’s experience and with the help of a tool adapted to a large selection of materials (siliconized liners, glues, backing etc.) ADESIA is able to offer solutions that match its industrial clients’ specifications exactly.

Examples of applications
Bonding solutions for processing foams, felt and plastic materials in order to manufacture parts for thermal acoustic insulation, cushioning etc.
Bonding solutions for plastic films, woven fabrics, unwoven fabrics, baize and aluminium
Bonding solutions for splicing materials on rollers
ADESIA works in close collaboration with national and international actors in the automobile industry: parts manufacturers, sub-contractors and processors of plastic materials.
We have the skills and expertise to provide solutions for all types of adhesive bonding needs.
Examples of applications
Shock absorbing solutions
Bonding solutions for waterproofing membranes
Bonding solutions for acoustic membranes
ADESIA has developed a large range of products designed specifically for the construction industry, and we provide products and services that are adapted to the specific needs of the market.
Examples of applications
Bonding solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation membranes
Bonding solutions for waterproofing membranes
Bonding solutions for floor coverings, plastics, carpets etc.
Bonding solutions for synthetic turf

ADESIA develops and produces adhesive solutions for the manufacture of medical devices
Operating Room
ADESIA designs adhesive membranes for incise drapes and surgical drapes.
Examples of applications
Breathable and conformable film for incision films
ADESIA manufactures adhesive membranes for dressing manufacturers.
Examples of applications
Breathable polyethylene film micro-perforated
ADESIA has a range of foam backing that can be transformed into electrodes for ECG, TENS, or surgical pads.
Examples of applications
Adhesive medical tapes foam

ADESIA develops a range of PVC films for digital printing.
Examples of applications
Monomeric and polymeric pvc films for printing