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Coating operators are at the core of ADESIA’s business, running their production line. The manufacture of an adhesive film is a technical process that involves applying a few microns of glue evenly to a substrate and extracting the water or solvent by drying in an oven.


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Rewinding, candle winding, slitting, cutting, using razor blades, circular knives, pressure rollers, etc. Our cutting operators will transform your adhesive tapes to the good length and width according to your requirements.

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The Development team

Our chemical and industrial engineers work on your projects to develop tailor-made adhesive solutions for your needs. Experts in formulations, materials and manufacturing processes, they oversee every stage of development, from design to packaging.


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R&D and laboratory

Innovation is one of the pillars of ADESIA’s growth. All industries are constantly evolving to adapt to new regulations, user habits, environmental and social challenges.

Our R&D department and integrated laboratory enable us to develop new-generation, eco-designed fastening solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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Executive Comittee

Management team

ADESIA’s management team comprises Sales and Marketing, Finance, Production, Industrial, Purchasing and Innovation Departments.
The latter is headed by Guillaume Sarrazin, son of one of ADESIA’s founders and current owner and CEO. The mission of the Executive Committee is to work on the long-term vision of the company, to ensure its future. Through their strategic decisions, the members of the management team, together with their teams, ensure the development and long-term future of the company.

Support teams

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ADESIA is committed to inclusion and gender equality.
As proof, our professional equality index in 2023 is 93/100. In comparison, the national average is 85/100.
This index, scored out of 100 points, is measured using 5 indicators and helps to advance equal pay within companies by objectively measuring the pay gap between women and men, while highlighting areas for improvement.